The AF100 DVD is the most thorough, comprehensive instructional video available for the AF100 series of cameras.  Join host Barry Green (author of the hugely successful "The AF100 Book") as he takes you through the operations of the Panasonic AG-AF100 AVCCAM camcorder.  This 2-disc set is jam-packed with nearly five hours of instruction on everything there is to know about the AF100, from introductory tutorials on the basics of operating the camera, to lenses and adapters, to detailed explanations of menu settings, to a tour of the physical buttons and switches on the camera itself, through in-depth discussions of features from variable frame rates to film camera-style shutter settings and controls, right through SDHC card management and operations.  The AF100 DVD is the reference set you'll review and return to again and again until you've completely mastered your AF100.

Available through special arrangement with Fiercely Independent Films!