24p & Frame Rates

Why do movies, well, MOVE like movies and not like news or soap operas or live TV?  It's all about the number of motions per second -- FRAME RATE!

24p -- 24 frames per second -- the frame rate of Hollywood.  You've heard of it; you want to shoot it -- but feeling a little confused and intimidated?  Don't be -- we'll tell you what you need to know!

Join David Jimerson, writer, director, and co-host of the award-winning Lighting for Film and Television and Sound for Film and Television DVDs, as he brings you the definitive tutorial on shooting and editing 24p!  Using cinematic examples, simple understandable language, dynamic illustration, and good humor throughout, David explains the why behind the how and shows you how simple and elegant it really is!

With 75 minutes of downloadable instruction, 
24p & Frame Rates includes:

  • MISCONCEPTIONS and myths about 24p and frame rates in general
  • Reasons WHY movies are shot at 24 fps
  • How to CHOOSE - and how NOT to choose - a frame rate for your project
  • How to SHOOT 24p properly
  • Demystifying 24p PULLDOWN
  • EDITING - how and why to choose a timeline,             artistic considerations
  • EXPORTING 24p footage for various purposes and formats - Web, DVD, Blu-ray, Web, Broadcast, etc.

But that's not all -- to understand 24p fully, we'll also cover:

  • How FRAME RATES work, why they look the way they do, and what they do for you
  • "29.97" and why it doesn't always mean what it says
  • How SHUTTER SPEED affects your image
  • Shooting higher frame rates for SLOW-MOTION
  • Shooting and combining MIXED frame rates
  • PAL frame rates


24p & Frame Rates is available NOW!  Hurry and get it for the low price of $17.99!  





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